Dear Sirs:

In 1956 your clinic was in Southwest Portland, I knew it well! Your staff at that time if I can remember them all were Dr. Bilderback, Dr. George Nash, Dr. Alvin Wert, Dr. Goodnight, and the business manager Mr. Al Versteeg. I knew it well as I said, Dr. Nash was our Dr., But all the rest were there for us to.

We had three children and were at the clinic often, our third child was born with congenital heart defects three to be exact. So you can imagine the number of visits we had. My husband Bob was still and apprentice painter, so we made very little money and our bills kept mounting to the point that one day I came in with one of our children and cried because I didn’t even have $5.00 to put on our mounting bill. Dr. Nash told me not to worry.

Then one day our phone rang and Bob got a call from Mr. Versteeg (boy were we scared) it turns out that Dr. Nash went to a staff meeting and told the other Dr’s of our dilema and that Bob was a painter, they agreed to give Bob a try at painting the interior of the clinic after he did the first exam room they were pleased with his work and kept him on Bob could only work week ends so it took about two years. Again Bob got a call from Mr. Versteeg asking him to come in a little early that Friday night Mr. Versteeg ask Bob to sit down he wanted to show him the books. Bob was so worried. Then Mr. Versteeg smiled and said we were all paid up and handed Bob a check. They ask him to continue to work for them and Bob was happy to do it.

The same Dr’s started having him paint for them in their homes.

All this experience helped Bob to eventually start his own business.

This letter is intended to be a tribute to some wonderful Dr’s they were kind and caring and helped a young couple when they were going through one of the hardest times in their lives. When the youngest one needed surgery when he was 3 years old they all came in on there day off. We lost Ronnie when he was 13 months old.

This letter is long overdue I know we said thank you to them I feel this letter should have been written then, but even though some of the Dr’s are now gone I want you to know they are still our hero’s. We were truly blessed to have known these men. These memories will be with us for life. I hope you are continuing in the ways of the founders of The Children’s Clinic and may God bless you all.



Tuesday, March 22, 2011